About KiloNewton

John Williamson, ceo/founder

John Williamson, ceo/founder

KiloNewton LLC was formed in 2017 in Albuquerque, NM, by John Williamson to provide professional technical services for the renewables and manufacturing industries.

At KiloNewton, we focused on accelerating other businesses and we are always looking for the next challenge to make you successful. Our growing team will lend you the hands-on experience you need for any analysis or design problem you can send our way.

John Williamson, our founder, is a licensed mechanical professional engineer and experienced technical leader, with a MSME from University of New Mexico. He specializes in optimizing structural/electro/mechanical systems and components for utility and cost using multi-disciplinary techniques.

Previously Executive Chief Engineer for Array Technologies, John led the engineering group for over a decade, helping grow the business to be the top solar tracker manufacturer, with locations spanning the globe.



Here's a few of the companies we are working with:

KiloNewton is a proud member of SEIA and NMSEA