Are your employees "repeat offenders"?

Anytime you are doing the same task over and over again, there is some opportunity for process improvement and automation. At KiloNewton, we specialize in identifying and solving these problems. Humans are not made to do mechanically repetitive actions, especially smart ones. We will fix this for you.

From highly technical processes to human resource problems, we can advise you on the best path to grow your business. We believe in planning every foot forward with the next step in mind, so you won't be calling us back next year to fix the same problem, or hopefully ever.

At KiloNewton

We are here to speed up your processes and technical functions. Not to be an impediment, a distraction, or unnecessary cost. Our goal is to teach ourselves out of a job, through enabling your team to do everything we can do and more. Accelerate your business today!

Technical Leaders

We can make the tough decisions for you. At KiloNewton, we will not mince words. We will not be nice, unless you've got a nice idea! We believe that the only path forward is the right one, and will advise accordingly.

If your team needs mentoring in how to quickly and correctly make technical decisions, KiloNewton can help.