Best Product - Shortest Time

     Do you want the best product, in the shortest possible time to market?  We will work within your time constraints to give your idea the attention it deserves, whether it's a back-of-the-napkin sketch from 5 years ago you'd like to see brought to market, or a tweak of your existing design to accommodate a new demographic segment.

KiloNewton can provide everything from top-level system optimization and design services to detailed analysis on that pesky manufacturing defect. We are truly product-oriented, Kaizen zealots. That is, once we wrestle the problem to the ground, you won't have to solve it again. (Because we get bored solving the same problems. 

If you're not interested in getting the best (cheapest, fastest, strongest, etc.) product, but instead want to dictate unnecessary design specifications, we are not the company for you. We are only interested in making products and businesses successful.

Click here to download an information sheet on the types of design we specialize in.

At KiloNewton

Our goal is to hit your targets every time. We bring every consultation through a stage-gate process, optimized for each project, to ensure we stay on track.

We begin with a discovery period to ensure your specifications are understood and doable, and provide mid-term milestones as appropriate to make sure we are staying on course. Unless we're inventing something brand new, you'll get no big surprises in your project.

Design for "X"

In this case "X" can mean:

  • product requirement

  • manufacturing

  • assembly

  • quality

  • repair

  • lifetime

We offer a host of other specifications as well. This is accomplished not in sequence, but simultaneously during the design process to make sure the product integrates as much functionality as possible with the fewest added features.

We draw upon our experience in many manufacturing specialties to not only help you refine your product, but suggest alternatives if appropriate.