Midterms are Coming: Check Your Candidate’s Record on Renewables

It’s not easy making decisions about who to vote for these days, but perhaps seeing which candidates rate greener can help you choose. Here is a piece that PV Magazine did along with Advanced Energy Economy, giving a list of states (including New Mexico) along with their endorsements for prioritization of renewable energy. You can also check your current representatives’ voting history in the League of Conservation Voters website below. Your vote counts, do your research.


PV MAGAZINE: Democrats sweep AEE clean energy scorecards


 “Trade group Advanced Energy Economy has published a scorecard which ranks candidates in nine gubernatorial races on clean energy issues, and one of the two major parties is largely missing in action.”

League of Conservation Voters



GTM: My Experience With Community Solar: Excessively Complicated and Frustrating

Creating successful community solar projects is a difficult proposition, virtually impossible in some areas, however it is growing at an incredible rate. From a customer perspective, this article explains some of the frustration and confusion that happens when companies inform about solar in your community. According to the writer, customers are already sold on the idea, they need to understand more of the details early on.  Read the article below to find out more:


GTM: My Experience With Community Solar: Excessively Complicated and Frustrating https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/my-experience-with-community-solar?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Daily&utm_campaign=GTMDaily#gs.Z163oWY


 JOSH GARRETT of GTM writes:

“If someone is considering subscribing to a community project, chances are they’re excited about “going solar” and realizing its environmental and climate benefits. What potential subscribers are not excited about is a 20-year contract and figuring out where exactly their money is going. That’s why marketers and salespeople should cut right to the chase on the less-feel-good aspects of community solar early in the process and be prepared to explain and answer questions about them over and over, in different ways.”