California regulators approve the world’s largest battery projects

CHRISTIAN ROSELUND from pv-magazine writes: CPUC has signed off on four lithium-ion battery projects in California, one of which at 300 MW is the largest battery project to date known by pv magazine.


This is really great news for renewable: “These batteries will not only connect to the substation and transmission infrastructure built for the Moss Landing Power Plant, but will replace the services provided by the plant itself. Plant owner Dynegy announced last February that it may close the plant, and according to CPUC another cogeneration plant in Gilroy has has signaled that it may go offline.” This is a really big deal, and can be an example for other Cities to follow.


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Exciting news for California!


California Assembly has passed a bill that mandates the state move to 100% zero-carbon electricity by 2045. is great news for the future of the renewable energy mandate and sets a positive example for the rest if the country.

Read PV Magazine’s editor Christian Roselund’s article here: